What Are the Side Effects of Taking Adipex?

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Adipex?

Before you take a diet pill or a weight loss supplement, you should understand what it can do to your body. The body’s BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a measurement of how much weight a person has in relation to their height. If it’s more than 30, a person is considered obese; anyone with a BMI of 25-30 is considered overweight. Before a person begins taking ADIPEX, NuvidaRx’s team will determine whether or not they’re an appropriate candidate. Because ADIPEX is a stimulant, it can increase the heart rate, and may not be appropriate for older patients or people with certain medical conditions.

Phentermine (Adipex-P) causes pulmonary hypertension

ADIPEX-P and fenfluramine are known to cause serious valvular heart disease and primary pulmonary hypertension. Symptoms of PPH usually begin with dyspnea but can include angina pectoris, syncope, and lower extremity edema. Patients should report deterioration in exercise tolerance, as well as any new symptoms. If you notice any of these changes, stop taking the drug and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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A 29-year-old woman was admitted with severe shortness of breath after a period of taking phentermine. She was otherwise healthy, did not smoke cigarettes, and had no family history of pulmonary hypertension. She weighed 73 kg and was 1.60 m tall. She received a 35-day supply of phentermine HCl after undergoing an examination by a physician. However, she developed pulmonary hypertension despite the low dosage.

Patients with heart problems or congestive heart failure should not take phentermine, as these conditions can worsen their condition. People with high blood pressure should not use adipex-P if they have a history of cardiac rhythm problems, severe pulmonary disease, or an overactive thyroid. Using Adipex-P during pregnancy may also cause dangerous drug interactions.

It increases blood pressure

There’s a question of whether Adipex increases blood pressure. In the study, blood pressure levels were not measured ambulatorily, but they were compared to the normal values. Even so, the findings are still worrying. Although the drug doesn’t cause serious side effects, it’s worth being cautious about using this medication if you have high blood pressure. This article will explore the potential side effects of this drug and whether it could increase blood pressure.

It may impair driving ability

People with diabetes are at a higher risk of accidents because of medicines that impair driving abilities. Although most prescription medicines don’t impair driving, there are some exceptions. Drugs that affect motor skills include opioids and gabapentinoids. In addition, benzodiazepines can impair the ability to drive. Before taking a new medicine, speak to your pharmacist to make sure it will not impair your driving ability.

Nonmedical drug use, which is the use of non-medical prescription medications, has also been associated with increased crash risk. Nonmedical drug use is more prevalent among drivers than medically prescribed drugs. The study’s results will help inform interventions to reduce impaired driving. The study uses data from 2013-2014 NRSs to determine which prescription drugs are most commonly used by drivers. It also identifies drivers who use certain prescription drugs more than prescribed, including sedatives, anti-anxiety medications, and stimulants.

It may decrease hypothalamic hypoxia

Recent research has indicated that the use of adipex, an obesity medication, may reduce the effects of a hypothalamic satiety center. The hypothalamus regulates the output of various thermoeffectors, including those responsible for controlling metabolism and body temperature. In mice, the hypothalamus decreases the right ventricular systolic pressure when exposed to chronic hypoxia. The hypothalamic response to a decrease in temperature may also be associated with a lower cardiovascular rate.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Adipex?