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How Can I Eat Healthy When I Hate Healthy Food?

The word “healthy” conjures up visions of boring salads and endless bowls of quinoa. It’s much easier to fall back on the safe, cheesy, meaty option. That’s why we need to rethink our initial negative reaction to healthy food. The more whole foods we eat, the lower our risk for chronic diseases. So, let’s face it: if we don’t like the taste of whole foods, what’s the point?

Spices can make a healthy meal

You can easily transform bland, healthy food into tasty fare using the power of spice. You can buy spices and spice mixes in almost any grocery store, or visit specialty spice and herb stores. Experiment with different flavors to find your favorites. Try to find about five or six different spices you enjoy. Once you have a good list of flavors to try, you can mix and match them to make your food taste fantastic!

Whole grains have a naturally nutty flavor, and sautéing them will bring out the flavor. You can also add spices during this cooking process to give your food a richer flavor. Spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and ground cumin have fat-soluble compounds that release flavor when cooked. Other common spices include dried orange peel, cinnamon, and curry powder. Adding these spices will enhance the taste of the entire meal.

Pre-made and packaged food

If you hate to cook, don’t despair – there are ways to eat healthy, even if you hate the idea of spending time in the kitchen. The key is to make sure you read the nutritional labels on food packaging and ingredients, so you can choose the most nutritious choices for your needs. Pre-made packaged foods are also a great option if you’re short on time.

Many areas have grocery delivery services. Instacart is one such service. You can also try Amazon or Walmart, which will shop for you, or sign up for an automatic reorder system. If you can’t afford these services, you can still eat healthy by creating your own meals. Meal-in-a-Bowls are a good option if you don’t have much time, since they come with fully cooked ingredients.

Eating healthy without cooking

Is it possible to eat healthy without cooking? Many registered dietitians don’t enjoy cooking, and packaged meals are full of preservatives, fats, and sodium. Thankfully, there are many ways to eat healthy without cooking. Here are three ideas for healthy eating on a budget:

Buy a pressure cooker. Make healthy meals at home. If you’ve read Michael Pollan’s books, you may have discovered that cooking at home is more efficient. But life happens. Work gets in the way, family members are sick, or life happens. If you’re like most people, you want a healthier life. The reality is that the food industry is thriving, but it’s also extremely competitive.

How Can I Eat Healthy When I Hate Healthy Food?

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